RINOMATO is a line of aperitivi produced in the heart of Italy’s historic aperitivo region, Piedmont. These beautifully balanced and classically styled products offer a perfect escape to a time when aperitivo was the beating heart of Italy’s social fabric. Artisan, all natural and undeniably delicious, Rinomato will take your Italian inspired cocktails to new heights.


RINOMATO takes its name from an Italian adjective used to indicate an object of distinction, something that commands respect from even the most discerning critics. The brand's intense aromas and palate are achieved by the restoration of classic production philosophies, most notably: careful ingredient selection and processing, small batch production, zero chemical or artificial inputs, and a sophisticated extraction / blending / filtration process. This unwavering commitment to quality and the 'old ways' means every RINOMATO bottle stands up to the highest degree of scrutiny. The brand is truly rooted in Aperitivi traditions of 19th-century northern Italy – a golden age for Aperitivo – offering structured and refined flavors with exceptional depth.